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How Do I Object to the Ecotricity Planning Application?

Any one is entitled to object to a planning application.

And you can do so as often as you like – in particular whenever a new piece of ‘information’ comes to the fore.

You can do so by going on-line to the Stroud website by clicking  This Link   and enter  S.16/0043/OUT  in the ‘simple search’ box.

You  can also write to The Planning Office at Ebley Mill, Stroud and quote ref: S.16/0043/OUT.    Be sure to make clear that you are objecting (rather than just commenting, say) and give one or two (not a dozen!)  good planning-based reasons.    The following are all valid reasons, which you can adapt to your own ‘voice’

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Jo’s Review of Responses to EcoPark

Findings of Desk Top Review of  Documents  Submitted to SDC  Planning (15/05/2017)

At the time of writing,  approximately 530 supportive statements have been received (many on a pre-printed ‘form’), some coming from as far as Edinburgh, Bradford , London and Norwich.  To date approximately 155 objecting statements have been received.

I have outlined below the main reasons that have been given in support  of the proposal.  More often than not, they are the same reasons that other people are using to oppose the development so hopefully this will give you a clearer insight into the debate…………

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Answers on a postcard…


Forest Green Rovers (and/or associates) have apparently plied their supporters with a postcard  ‘form’ on which to express support for the Ecotricity scheme by ticking boxes, as below and sending in to SDC.  You can see them  on the  Stroud planning website   (search ref: S.16/0043/OUT) – they will count as letters of support.

You may wish to write to counter these arguments – which is not too hard to do! – Go on to the website above, or write to the Planning Office at Ebly Mill and quote the reference S.16/0043/OUT.

Read on to see some of their points and our answers….

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KER re-forms to fight Ecotricity

Under the leadership of Jo-anne Bradford, Eastington parishioners are invited to join in the campaign to see off this major threat to our parish.

You do not have to be  an activist – just to want your voice to be heard in defence of the parish you love.

Please use the contact form on our Welcome page  to let us know that you want to support  Keep Eastington Rural.

See the article in the June/July edition of ECN!

Parish Council Exit Poll

A Public consultation drop-in meeting was hosted by Ecotricity
in the Village Hall on 4th Feb 2016.

The Parish Council took an ‘exit poll’ from all those attending, the results of which were as follows:

                                          Eastington   Non
                                    Total  residents   residents

Those saying 'NO' to the proposal    117   101        16
Those saying 'YES' to the proposal    23    16         7
Those who responded 'Don't Know'      10     7         3

Total responses:                     150   124        26